Sara M

map-pin Maidenhead, United Kingdom

I love crochet for it's speedy growth, variety of styles and having only one active stitch that can be dropped at any time. I am experimenting with beading; I can knit but prefer crochet. I have no particular favourite yarn or designer but do like making jewellery.

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  • Crochet17 Skills

    Crochet: Over 20 years

    17 Skills

    • Chain
    • Slip stitch
    • Double crochet
    • Triple/Treble Crochet
    • Increase & decrease
    • Surface crochet
    • Half treble crochet
    • Magic Ring
    • Colourwork
    • Front/Back post stitch
    • Triple treble crochet
    • Lace Crochet
    • Double treble crochet
    • Working in the round
    • Filet crochet
    • Beading
    • Broomstick crochet
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