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LoveCrochet is so excited to be working with the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to help raise money and awareness for the great work that they do. Battersea aims to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help, caring for them until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes. They are champions for, and supporters of vulnerable dogs and cats, determined to create lasting changes for animals in our society. Every year they care for over 7,000 dogs and cats. We've teamed up with some incredible independent crochet designers who made some of the most adorable dog and cat patterns we've ever seen. For every pattern that you purchase, 100% of the profits will be given to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home! Thankfully the animals we based the original patterns on have been rehomed, so we chose some current residents to model with the patterns.



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Beryl Booties by HappyBerryCrochet

The booties above were based on Beryl, a six-month old lurcher/collie mix who was tied to the gates of the Battersea Brands Hatch center on a snowy evening in February 2013. We can only imagine how terrified this poor little dog must have been, and by the time the staff arrived she had already collapsed. She was rushed to the London clinic where she was given the care that she so desperately needed before being fostered by Battersea staff. Thankfully she made a full recovery and was rehomed to a loving couple!



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Hazel the Cat by Moji-Moji

Hazel, the charmingly one-eyed cat designed by Moji-Moji, was based on a cat that came in as a stray needing major surgery after being hit by a car. Her right eye had to be removed immediately and sadly the vets realised the accident had damaged the optic nerve in her left eye too, leaving her blind.  A special indoor home was found for this sweet, young cat who's so loving and great fun to play with.



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Buster the Dog by The Patchwork Moose

This little guy was crocheted by The Patchwork Moose and designed after Buster, a Jack Russell/pug cross. Buster had been passed from owner to owner by the age of three because of his persistent insecurities around strangers and severe separation anxiety. He was a very stressed and overwhelmed dog when he arrived at the Battersea center and would continually bark at any unfamiliar person or dog. The Canine Behaviour and Training Advisors worked with Buster’s insecurities. Buster's new owners followed the advice given by the staff, and now Buster comes in quietly with his tail wagging to meet his new friends. He will always have issues but he wouldn’t be the fantastic character that he is without them. He is constantly improving and is the most loving dog.



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Oliver the Dog by KornflakeStew

Oliver, designed by KornflakeStew, is based on a dog found tied up outside a hospital in London. He was in a dreadful state and was rushed to Battersea, where he was taken to the clinic and treated for malnutrition, a skin condition and an ear infection. The poodle was originally named St Thomas by staff. Battersea Rehoming and Welfare Manager said: “He had a keen sense of intelligence and a love of learning making him the perfect candidate to be an assistance dog. We did some training with him and he proved he had potential, so we got in touch with Medical Detection Dogs." The medical dog charity accepted him and he was sent to live with a volunteer to train him.

Gingham Paw Print Blanket

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Gingham Paw Print Blanket

This Gingham Paw Print Pet blanket was designed by BetsyMakes. Each kitten and cat at the cattery have a blanket in their room with them that was donated by a knitter or crocheter. When someone is kind enough to take one of them into their homes, they take the blanket with them to make them comfortable in their new environment. Find out how you can donate a blanket here



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Daffy the Cat by Lucy Collin

Daffy, designed by Lucy Collin, is based on a cat who had a tough start to life after she was found wandering the streets of Slough at just 4 months old. She was brought into the Battersea Dogs & Cats center late and it was clear to staff that she had been a pet due to her affectionate nature. The poor girl wasn’t in a good condition and was suffering from sore eyes and cat flu. Thankfully she received plenty of TLC from the cattery staff and the vet nurses during her stay, and a month later was ready for a new home. She was snapped up almost immediately!


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