Crochet a Snowflake. Support a child this Christmas

Home-Start gives emotional and practical support to thousands of struggling families across the UK every year, but there are still thousands they can’t reach, so we need your help!

What is the Home-Start Snowflake appeal?

This year we need 30,000 snowflakes to give to the children and families that Home-Start supports to hang on their Christmas trees.

Crochet a snowflake and help a family in need! Please send any donated snowflakes to:

Snowflake Appeal, 8 - 10 West Walk, Leicester, LE1 7NA.

Watch Kirstie Allsopp crocheting a snowflake with BellaCoco and LoveCrochet.

Read more about why LoveCrochet are supporting the Home-Start Snowflake Appeal here.

How to crochet your Snowflake!

Sarah-Jayne from the Bella Coco blog has been teaching Kirstie Allsopp how to crochet a snowflake, and now she's going to teach you too! Grab your hooks and crochet a snowflake along with her brilliant tutorial video below. It's suitable for beginners, so invite all your friends around and crochet a sparkly flurry - any yarn will do, the sparklier the better!

Snowflake pattern The written pattern is free to download here. Every snowflake is unique, so grab any DK yarn and make your snowflakes sparkle! Embellish with sequins, glitter and tiny buttons, anything you like!

Plus you can share pictures of your special snowflakes with the LoveCrochet community! Don't forget to HotTag your project!

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How will supporting Home-Start make a difference?

We all know how bumpy family life can be - when things get serious, when everyday life goes wrong, it can be very difficult to manage and that’s when Home-Start steps in.

Isolation, illness, disability and poverty are just a few of the reasons that families struggle. Home-Start volunteers are parents themselves, who want to help, not judge - and thousands of families all over the UK have benefitted from their kindness and support. In fact, Home-Start supported more than 70,000 children last year. But there were still thousands they couldn’t reach.

Suggested yarns for a snowflake

Now you've started with a snowflake,
take your skills to the next level with these great projects

Home-Start UK, charity number: 1108837 (England and Wales) and SC039172 (Scotland)

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