A Guide to Crochet Stitches

Stuck on a loop? Welcome to the place where all your crochet dreams can become a reality. Whether you’re learning an advanced technique or bringing it back to basics, we’ve got a brilliant selection of fun and easy step-by-step tutorials to help you navigate the marvelous and colorful world of crochet!

Slip stitch | Single crochet | Half double crochet | Double crochet | Hump stitch | Dragonfly stitch | Triple/treble crochet | Front post double crochet | Double triple/treble crochet | Double crochet decrease | Back post double | Chain stitch

Slip stitch

Meet the crocheter’s most trusted companion when completing a round: the slip stitch. The slip stitch is used to join crochet together, to fasten off yarn, and to move within a pattern - it’s a basic but foundational utility technique that will serve you well on your crafting adventures.

Ready, set, stitch! Learn to slip stitch by watching our video tutorial .

Single crochet (sc)

Let’s get back to basics! The single crochet might be small but it’s probably the most satisfying crochet stitch of them all, producing tight, dense fabric that can be used for scarves, jumpers and beyond...

Get started now! For an easy step-by-step guide head over to our video tutorial .

Half double crochet (hdc)

Wrap your yarn around the half double crochet, also known in the UK as the half treble. This easy yet essential medium height stitch is loved by beginners and seasoned crocheters alike.

Master the half double crochet by watching our super easy and fun video tutorial.

Double crochet (dc)

Hook up with the double crochet, the final basic yet fundamental stitch that will take your crocheting to a whole other level, literally! The double crochet is twice the height of the single crochet and the perfect partner to accompany other stitches and patterns in your craftwork.

You've almost mastered all the basic crochet stitches. To learn the double crochet why not watch our video tutorial?

Hump stitch

Also known as the knit stitch, stockinette stitch or camel stitch, the glorious hump stitch is best worked after a half treble US crochet, creating beautiful meandering rivers of braided yarn that look fabulous on hats and scarves!

Wanna try your hand at the hump stitch? Watch our video tutorial.

Dragonfly stitch

What you waiting for? Learn to crochet the dragonfly stitch with our step-by-step video tutorial.

Triple/treble crochet stitch (tr)

Try your hand at the triple/treble crochet stitch now by watching our beginner friendly video tutorial.

Front post double crochet stitch (fpdc)

Incorporate the joys of the front post double crochet into your next crafty project by heading to our video tutorial.

Double triple treble stitch (trtr)

Double, double, triple, treble! Okay, not quite Shakespeare, but it does work a great yarn. Learn how to crochet this stitch by watching our video tutorial.

Double crochet decrease (dc2tog)

Discover how to work the double crochet by watching our video tutorial.

Back post double crochet stitch (bpdc)

Don't just take our word for it. Why not try out the back post double crochet stitch for yourself by visiting our handy video tutorial?

Chain stitch (ch)

Work that chain by checking out our video tutorial.

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