Accessories buying guide

From gauges to holders, spindles to swifts, explore the wonderful world of accessories, that will help you craft and embellish your crochet creations.

Crochet accessories | Advanced accessories

Crochet accessories

Like any other hobby, yarn arts and crafts have a large range of tools and accessories, designed to aid and enhance your experience.


A crocheter’s hook gauge is normally a two-in-one tool. It’s a small ruler for checking your stitch or row count when you are trying to get the right gauge, and it will have a series of holes to measure hook sizes as well.

There are also swatch measuring squares available, which are square rulers, made with a window design, that makes it easier to measure and count stitches in crocheted or knitted swatches.

Row counters

Row counters keep track of stitches or rows. They can be mechanical clickers or digital devices. Some are designed to fit on your finger while working.

Stitch markers

Stitch markers are used to highlight particular stitch, row, or pattern repeats. They are essential for complex patterns or shaping.

Stitch holders

Stitch holders are used to hold live but unworked stitches separately when working on other sections of a piece. They can also be used for preventing stored but unfinished work from unravelling.

Tapestry needles

Tapestry needles have blunt points and are invaluable for sewing neat seams, weaving in yarn ends and joining new yarns.

Advanced accessories

As you gain more experience, you will find that there are many different crochet and yarn craft accessories, and it is entirely up to the individual to decide what is useful and what is not.

WPI gauges

These are simple rulers, used to determine the weight of a yarn. WPI stands for ‘wraps per inch’, and every weight category of yarn will have a specific number of wraps per inch. Yarn shops often have bargain bins with unlabelled yarn at knockdown prices, so understanding WPI can be very useful.

Project bags

From large bags with multiple pockets to small, roll-up hook wallets, there are project and storage products available to suit every taste, pocket and purpose.

Needle felting supplies

Needle felting is used to make small but highly detailed plush toys. There are several specialist tools required such as felting claws, felting mats, and fiber blenders. It’s a great technique for making small accessories for applique or embellishment.

Pompom maker

Pompoms are great fun to make, particularly for kids. Simple and afforfale, pompom maker come in several different sizes, and pompoms make the perfect finishing touch to projects such as hats, scarves, blankets and pillows.

Hairpin Lace loom

Hairpin lace is a clever technique using a crochet hook and a simple loom or frame to create very open and airy fabrics. Large loops are created and fixed with smaller stitches made with a crochet hook.

Shawl pins

These accessories are designed to hold a scarf or shawl in position. They can be made from any number of materials: wood, bamboo or aluminum for everyday use, or precious metals like jewelry for special occasions.

Drop spindles

A drop spindle is little more than a weighted rod. The process of making yarn with a drop spindle is to twist fiber into thread using only the effect of gravity. It’s a great way to gain deeper understanding of how fiber is processed to create yarns.

Spinning wheel

Used to produce yarn for more than a thousand years, the spinning wheel is an efficient method for manufacturing yarn on a domestic scale.

Knitting looms

Knitting looms range from small, bobbin-sized toys that can be used to make cord, to large hat or sock looms. Crocheters often find that using a loom is a good introduction to knitting. They are ideal for people who don’t knit or crochet but would like to make wearable garments.

Ball winders

These simple mechanical winders, best used in conjunction with a yarn swift (see below), are used to convert skeins into balls.

Yarn swifts

This collapsible, umbrella-like tool will hold a skein of yarn safely while it is wound into a ball, either by hand or with a ball winder. The yarn swift prevents the hank from getting tangled and makes this task quick and convenient.