Pouf done in Hayfield Bonus Chunky (doubled up)

I made this for I made this for my daughter and her boyfriend as they have just moved into a little house together.

Created by: Mags T

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    I couldn't find a super chunky yarn in the right colour so I used two strands of Hayfield Bonus Chunky. It only took 400gms. I have knitted a second one for our house, but I'm not finished just yet as you need to sew a liner to keep the stuffing inside...and sewing is soooo long winded when it's done by hand.

    Needles & Hooks

    • Single Point 9.00mm (US 13)


    • Cable Needle
    • Stuffing
    Other : A cotton liner. The measurements are in the pattern.
    I also knitted a small circle in the same wool and stitched it into the centre to fully close the top as there was too much bulk to pull it tightly enough to completely hide the liner otherwise.


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    craft-knitting Knitting

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    difficulty Intermediate


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    Started on: Mar 13, 2017 Finished on: Mar 19, 2017
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    • Lynne T

      What is you used "beans" for a beanbag that can be purchased at Wal-Mart?
    • Mags T

      I used this foam stuff that I found on Amazon. It's like little tiny pieces of multi-coloured foam (like fell out of old settee cushions when they split back in the 70's but smaller lumps) I hate the stuff because it sticks to the bag it came in, your hands, the carpet, the outside of the pouf, etc, but it worked better then the usual stuffing I get out of Wilkinsons cushion pads. The reason it stays fairly firm is because of the cotton liner you make, then stuff it really full. I made a second one and put a 45cm gymball inside it, then pumped the ball up, that is much firmer for sitting on, but can roll away when using as a foot stool lol!!
    • Elbeth C

      What do you stuff it with? Does it stay quite floppy or is it firm?
    • Claire Fairall

      Ohh! and again Ohhh! I likey this !