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Created by: Iron lamb

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    I have only crocheted a few accessories up until now, and wanted to have a go at a sweater, as that's my thing. I couldn't find any patterns I liked, so I'm having a go at writing my own. I learnt how to rib for the hem, and then started working trebles in the round. I figured out (the hard way!) that I needed to turn my work after every row, otherwise it would look different when I came to work back and forth at the armholes! So this is attempt no. 2 and I'm really happy with how it turned out :-)


    Needles & Hooks

    • Crochet Hook 4.00mm (US 6)


    • Stitch Markers
    • Tapestry Needle
    Other : I used a lot of stitch markers to start with, placed at every 10 stitches. I found that with so many stitches in each row, (220) I didn't want to be counting each time! I used a tapestry needle to sew up the shoulder and underarm seams.


    Notes: size 10, aiming for an oversize boxy look



    craft-crochet Crochet

    Skill Level

    difficulty Intermediate


    project-state Complete
    Started on: Feb 1, 2017 Finished on: Apr 6, 2017
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    • Iron lamb

      Thank you Alison B! Very kind of you to say so :-)
    • Alison B


      It's beautiful,love the colour, you are obviously going to become very talented at designing garments, well done, your top is fabulous:-)