Shadow Cable Baby Blanket - Violet

I made this for a friend; well, really their newborn baby!

Created by: Victoria

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    I've always wanted to knit a blanket, but being a graduate student and all, I didn't want to start a big project that could take a while to finish. Also, I prefer knowing who I am knitting a project for, and not just knitting one. So as the baby news came to me from a friend, I decided that it was time for a baby blanket to be knitted (now that I have graduated)!


    • Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball - Baby Lilac (04310) 2.0 balls


    Notes: I kept the size the same as what the pattern called for.


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    Started on: May 25, 2017 Finished on: Jun 15, 2017
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    • Chris B

      Hi have started knitting this blanket the pattern has no 4th and sixth row
    • Renee T

      i, I just started this blanket and I have definitely having the problem right at the outset. I’ve cast on and seed stitched the first 4 rows. I have the required 72 stitches. Then the pattern said seed stitch the first four stitches “Knit 4, M1 and repeat to the last 4 stitches ending with 88 stitches. Well I started out with 72. 8 stitches are not in the knit 4, m1 part so that leaves 64 stitches to work that sequence over. I’ve drawn it out and it has room for only 12 make 1’s. That is only 84 stitches. What am I missing? Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated.
      • Victoria

        Hi Renee! So I went back to the pattern instructions and calculated the number of stitch increase that one would have while working the "knit 4, m1" part. You are correct in that taking out the four stitches from the front and at the end would make it 64 stitches left to work the increase pattern. 64 divided by 4 equals 16. So you should have increased 16 stitches by the end of the "knit 4, m1" pattern. And 64 + 16 (increase) + 8 (front and end of the row) would equal 88 stitches. I hope this is slightly helpful! :)
      • Renee T

        @Victoria: Thanks so much. I got it! Off and knitting now!